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dearmarauders's Journal

The Marauders will give their advice. Well try to.
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Here, we, the four marauders of Hogwarts will give their advice on all your terrible traumatic troubles and worrisome woes. With the help of Amy an interfering *hard poke* uh, lovely Muggle. Happy now? Do I have sign it in blood now? - James.

Ignore him he's just sore because Lily won't go out with him or his fat head. - Sirius

Am not *huff* - James

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1)Send letters to the email address: dearmarauders@hotmail.co.uk

2)Sign all letters like this: (For McGonagall) Hassled Head of House.

3)All characters must be canon and not figments of your imagination.

4)All letters must be from a Harry Potter character.

5)If you send me junk emails then I will ban you from the community.

6)Sorry, you cannot join the commuinty but you can watch.

7)HBP spoilers will be put under a cut, although you should have read the book!

8)Although it is not biologically possible, Padfoot and Prongs will answer also, new characters like Tonks will be able to write although they're after their time.

9) My comments will be italized like this

Credit to waka_laka for the gorgeous layout!
Thus concludes the boring stuff, write to us about your problems! - Amy


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Courtesy of Amy

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Padfoot: ::hysterical giggles::


Padfoot: Peter looks like a :gasp: hobbit! ::laughter continues::

Prongs: You have a ummm, talent for drawing ::bit back laugh::

::rolls eyes:: You draw yourselves then!!